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March 2022

Pre-installation of the New Sentech RIE system.

We received the visit of Dipl.-Ing. Roland Kögel, from the Sentech company, to check our SI591 equipment and its final infrastructure.

Dipl.-Ing. Roland Kögel, from Sentech checking the 591 system !

As the pandemic is almost over in our country, we finally succeed in installing our plasma etcher for Micro-fabrication! This is not very impressive…but yes, this is the first RIE plasma chamber working in Chile ;D !

December 2021

The 2021 Capstone project of Physics Engineering students just ended. With the support of Daniela, they did a great job. Congrats to All!

October 2021

We just won another Fondequip Mediano 2021 Funding for a combined Sputtering/e-beam system for the UC LabNano Cleanroom (see results)! That will allow us to deposit high-quality multilayers of metals, oxide and/or ceramics. We are evaluating the acquisiton of typical systems from Kurt Lesker, AJA, and other brands.

September 2021

The first Chilean Reactive Ion etching arrived last week in the LabNano Cleanrooms!

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