Dr. Loïk Gence

Ph.D. in Applied Sciences from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium, 2010). I joined the Faculty of Physics of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, in 2016, with a teaching duties in the Faculties of Engineering and Physics.

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Dr. S. Ncube

Research Activities:

Siphephile Ncube graduated with a PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand with a thesis on the Magnetotransport properties of rare earth element modified carbon nanotubes in July 2018. Her PhD studies involved experimental and theoretical work in the field of spintronics where her research interests entailed synthesis and characterization of the electronic transport and magnetic properties of magnetic nanoparticle modified carbon nanotubes. Siphephile Ncube will contribute to our ground breaking project in generation, detection, manipulation and storage of quantum states of light at the nanoscale towards optical storage for low consumption information technology. (Orcid, ResearchGate)

PhD Student

Smiljan Vojkovic Lagno

Research Activities: Smiljan is working on the fabrication of opto-electronic devices for the characterization of 2D materials and their related heterostructures. This research is done in the framework of the Anillo project focusing on Light-Matter Interactions in Topological Nanomaterials Topological Materials, leaded by the Prof. Enrique Muñoz.

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Master Students – Magister

Daniela Nieto Cortes

Research Activities: Cognitis enim pilatorum caesorumque funeribus nemo deinde ad has stationes appulit navem, sed ut Scironis praerupta letalia declinantes litoribus Cypriis contigui navigabant, quae Isauriae scopulis sunt controversa.

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Claudia Soto Pérez

Research Activities: The work of Claudia focuses in the fabrication and characterization of flexible organic solar cells that incorporate micro-structured electrodes. This research project addresses several challenging micro-fabrication aspects, and is based on a collaboration with the profesor Felipe Angel.

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Gabriel Hernandez

The work of Gabriel focused in the characterization of organic Lithium batteries in space environment (Vacuum, temperature, radiation). This research project is based on a collaboration with the profesor Vlad Alexandru (UCL).

Bachelor Students – Licenciatura

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